Thursday, June 1, 2017


Rachel Ward
Many People know about the animals that surround our lives with love. However many people do not know the costs involved with our furry friends. Many cost may occur as you bring a new family member into your life. This means many people may abandon or give up their pets.
Throughout history many pets have lived with us throughout our lives with helping us to survive or becoming longtime companions. Such of these companions have lived with Royalty,Presidents, and people like you and me. However many costs have occurred of owning pets live vets bills and adoption costs.
Some of these such costs can be the Veterinary check-up, spaying or neutering, and including many of the vaccines involved to protect our pets(Adoption Fee). These costs can can be up to 425-800 dollars, though many rescue places would not ask this fee.(Adoption Fee). There is still more costs to include though with other basic necessities like food and water.
   According to The site Money under 30 the 1rst year costs of a dog could well be up to 1,270, meaning that every year you own a pet you may spend more than a thousand dollars on a pet.Sadly , many of the costs of theses animals is focused on to animal shelters and rescue centers with about 170 animals in a shelter. The cost of these animals could well be up 348,160 dollar in cost of these animals.
Hower later in life many pets may become sick or injured requiring visits to the vet. Thus causing more and more costs of a pet. The basic costs of a vet can be 45-55 dollars, however some vet visits could cost thousands of dollars for a pet owner. Some of these additional costs may be Genetic screening, dental cleaning, allergy testing and surgery. Meaning it’s important to find out whether or not you want a pet.
Even with these costs ,44% of the U.S population still own pets, meaning that many people find the reward of owning a pet higher than the cost of owning one. Due to this fact we state that the pet owners find the marginal cost of a pet less than having a pet
Even with all these costs of pets, there is one benefit, with 60.59 billion in expenditures spent in 2015(LearnVest). Showing that owning a pet may improve the economy and help America in the long run.
Throughout history many animals have become our companions like dog,cats,  bird, and even snakes! And as stated above many costs are involved in owning a companion.With costs like vaccines, vet visits and surgeries for our furry family. Still many people want to own pets thus meaning they find the reward of a pet far higher than costs of owning one.

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  1. This was a great article to read. I have actually dealt with the significant hidden cost that many do not think about when owning pets. One of my dogs actually had a hernia, and we had to pay thousands of dollars to have it replaced. The cost of owning a pet is significantly larger then just the cost of purchasing them, and I do not think many understand that. Great piece to read with some very vital information that many need to look at when considering owning a pet.

  2. Many people consider the opportunity cost of a pet worth it due to the companionship that they give. Having something like a dog in the house to care for and give unconditional love to is priceless to some. The pet care industry is a fairly large one because a lot of families consider their pets as their children and are willing to spend money on them.

  3. This is a big thing since pets are such a big thing. The opportunity cost is big for pets. Since you spend so much on pets when you could spend your money on other things. Also the demand for more cute puppies is high because everyone wants the cutest and best puppy around. You never really know how much you actually spend on your pet in a year. Its truly shocking.